Imagine cruising down the road, minding your own business, and then you see this Predator cosplay guy pull up next to you. Not only does this biker have the full suit, but he’s got a badass motorcycle to go along with the Predator theme. Take a look at the video above to see him riding around. I think it’s safe to assume he scared more than one person that day.

This is one of the coolest Predator costumes out there. The guy’s decked out with everything from the dreadlocks to the armor, and it’s intimidating to say the least. His bike is exactly what I’d picture for this creature, and it even has dual gatling guns strapped to the front end. Don’t mess with this guy!

While I have to respect the amount of time and effort that went into this, it does seem like this could be a bit dangerous if he ever got into a wreck. I mean, it’s only got about 1,000 different sharp pieces on every side. But, hey, sometimes you have to live life on the edge.

Trying to remake a suit like this would be a bit challenging, but, luckily, there are other simpler options out there. For the moto riders out there that love custom helmets, you have to check out this Predator motorcycle helmet on Amazon.

Predator Motorcycle Helmet on Amazon

This isn’t exactly your average full-face helmet. This unisex helmet features a customized fiberglass shell with dreadlocks, hand painted blue and black design, a retractable tinted visor, and a crazy-looking mounted laser beam powered by an LED module. The best part is that it’s actually motorcycle DOT approved and ready to hit the road.

It’s available in all sizes from small to XXL. Owning one of these will certainly give you one of the more unique helmets on the roadway. It’s bound to draw some attention, so prepare yourself to get some looks, but in a good way. You’ll make tons of people smile, and you’ll probably scare the hell out of a couple as well, so make sure to log into that PayPal and get one ordered while they’re still in stock.


There are a couple different manufacturers who make helmets like this, but beware if it’s actually DOT certified or not. The one above is an awesome bang for you buck, but if you’re looking to spend even more, you can check out the pro Predator helmet, made from the ECE R22 helmet as a base. It includes a pretty cool-looking airbrush paint job, and higher-quality materials, but you’ll pay significantly more for it.


Some riders like a classic matte black full-face or modular helmet, but many others prefer the customized look. It is definitely a nice touch to the riding gear, especially if you don’t mind attention. I might need to order one of these myself.

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