This guy built a Motorcycle with a Twin-Turbo WRX Engine and it’s ridiculous. bikeridermagazine/Instagram

Some guys brag about finally finishing their cold air intake install on their brand new Camaro, and then there’s this guy. Marcel van Hooijdont is from New Zealand, he’s a tool maker, and has created a completely bonkers motorcycle.

You see, Marcel has a little more than a craftsman tool set at home. He owns a CNC milling tool and a lathe so custom projects come slightly easier for him. With official approval granted for his sketches and build plans, Marcel went to town creating a motorcycle that’s powered by a four-cylinder Subaru WRX engine and two turbos. He calls it the “MadBoxer.”


He could have taken the easy road and used conventional-style forks, but Marcel doesn’t do conventional. He opted for a single-side steering arm and the rear suspension uses a single-sided swing arm as well. He also swapped out the factory single turbo, for a twin-turbo setup off a Subaru Legacy. A two speed automatic, and a simple chain drive sends power to the rear wheel and the two hand levers control the brakes.

No word on power output or performance numbers, but this thing has to be dangerously fast if it ever gets traction. The short video provides us with a taste of how this thing sounds, but it definitely leaves you wanting more. Marcel is one cool dude for building this things, who knows what else he has up his sleeves.

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