Motocross champion takes his bike where no bike has gone before


When it comes to motocross, Romain Febvre is about as cool as it gets.

Febvre is the 2015 MXGP FIM Motocross World Champion and he recently visited Zakynthos, which is among the southernmost of the Ionian Islands of Greece.

If you're wondering what the island and Febvre have in common, it's simple -- it's the MV Panagiotis.


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The MV Panagiotis was a freight-liner that shipwrecked 37 years ago, with the boat nestled in a cove and only reachable by water. The result of the disaster is one of the most picturesque wrecks in all of the world, according to

The wrecks isolated location as well as its natural beauty, prompted a production crew to make use of its attributes.

A team of 23 people hauled in supplies by boat, from the other side of the island and began construction on a site and track. Febvre was contacted about the project and was happily on-board and the rest is history.


"It is definitely the strangest place I have ridden," Fabvre said. "We are used to circuits and beautiful locations and in countries like Argentina but this was right on the beach with the sea so close and that ship stuck right there."

He went on to discuss how unbelievable it was to see, but even more so to ride, due to the barrier of only being able to reach the location by boat.

The video is nothing short of amazing. It highlights not only Fabvre's skill and ability as a rider. But it also captures the natural beauty of the location, as well as the mystique of the beached boat.