Old Harley-Davidsons represent a bit of an identity crisis

The guy from Regular Car Reviews is back in the states and is celebrating with a vehicle that is the perfect expression of a very specific subset of America: Harley Riders.

It's the bike for the dad who forgot to be rebellious as a kid and is trying to make up for lost time. It's the bike for the guy who incorporates "loud pipes save lives" into his daily prayers. Jokes aside, Mr. Regular understands the freedom that comes from a low maintenance, comfortable bike that makes all the right sounds while eating up the miles.

This particular Harley is equipped with the Evo engine, which is credited for saving Harley. Despite its laughable power figure (63hp out of 1300 CCs) and the fact that it requires three separate oil changes, it will just go forever. Exactly what the typical Harley buyer needs.

The Harley brand has a weird image as both outlaw and establishment in the bike world, and that image is kind of the best selling point for these things. Too bad young people just don't get it.

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