Harley Davidson has angered fans by discontinuing a beloved line of bikes


Harley Davidson is going through a little bit of a crisis and they are revamping their lineup in response. However, there is one problem with their newly announced 2018 lineup per Cycle World: No Dyna. The Dyna was the motorcycle in the middle of Harley's lineup. Bigger than the Sportster, but more performance oriented than the big cruisers.

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Mainly all the bikes that used to be a part of the Dyna line are now rear mono-shock equipped soft-tails. Missing will be the dual shocks on the rear. Gone are the lovely vibrations at idle. If you believe the purists, lost is the heritage of the Harley of yesteryear.

Is Harley losing its way by trying to modernize? They are definitely in a tough spot. Considered uncool by those darn Millennials, but not true enough to their roots for the traditional buyers. They could be entering into the same no-man's land NASCAR finds itself in. Alienating old fans without replacing them with new ones.