Ghost Rider Run on a Turbo Hayabusa



If you love motorcycles, you probably know who Ghost Rider is. If you are new to the whole motorcycle cult, then let's clarify right now that we aren't talking about the Marvel comic book character ruined by Nicholas Cage.

"Ghost Rider" is the alias used by a Swedish motorcycle stunt rider, called "probably the most famous flaunter of road rules the world has ever seen", whose YouTube videos have achieved a cult following with millions of views. For a long time, there was a lot of speculation about who Ghost Rider was. His website, at the very least, identifies him as a "former motorbike professional from Sweden."

As for a name, the strongest speculation is a Swedish ex-racer and mechanic Patrik Furstenhoff. Furstenhoff is listed at Guinness World Records as holding the record for the first documented 200 mph wheelie on a 500 hp turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa (Ghost Rider's supposed favorite bike to ride), and an earlier wheelie record.