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Nashville-Based Company Rents Unused Celebrity RVs for Road Trips



Are you wanting to go for a road trip, but also want to travel comfortably? Well, there's a reputable business located in Nashville, Tennessee by the name of Hemphill Brothers Coach Company. For the last 40 years, this tour bus company has been well known for building luxurious motorcoaches for such celebrities as Beyoncé, Oprah, Cher, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, among many other entertainers.

Normally, these celebrities will take these buses on their North America tours, but since the coronavirus pandemic started, these tours have been put on hold, and many of the RVs have been parked instead of hitting the road. This forced owners Joey Hemphill and Trent Hemphill to come up with a new business plan.

The Hemphill Brothers Coach Company in 2020

Rather than focusing on coach sales and renting these things out to celebrities, Hemphill Brothers now offers renting and coach leasing to the general public. This is just about the coolest camper you can get for a trip, and it comes with its own driver, seven bedrooms, a full kitchen, showers, and even WIFI connectivity. As you might expect with how nice they are, it does come with a cost of around $2,000 per night, but what's a vacation without a little spending? Finally, we can all travel like a rock star.


The company has over 115 different RVs, so you're guaranteed to find various new bus models that'll fit your individual needs. Each one has been outfitted with all kinds of goodies and luxurious upholstery to keep you comfortable along the way. Who knows? You might even pick a bus that one of your favorite celebrities has used in the past.

Even though the United States is still dealing with COVID, that hasn't seemed to slow down people's ambition to travel safely. Over 32 million Americans took a trip over 50 miles for the 4th of July this year, and the longer people are cooped up, the more they'll want to get out and do something.

Whether you're thinking about making a trip to Las Vegas, New York City, or Los Angeles, I'd strongly encourage checking out the rates on these motorhomes and giving yourself a trip that you'll never forget.


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