The BMW X7 iPerformance Concept Will Blow Your Mind

If you're into cars that are fun to drive, look cool, and drive fast, then BMW has you covered with models such as the i8 supercar, M4 coupe, and 7 Series sedan. But, with more and more consumers favoring crossovers and SUVs, it seemed odd to some automotive experts that the German luxury brand doesn't offer more of these types of vehicles.

Well, it seems like BMW finally has plans to give the people what they want.

Recently unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the BMW X7 iPerformance Concept offers a preview of the company's plan for a full-size SUV that provides three rows of spacious seating.

But, wait, because it gets even better.

While most large SUVs offer abundant legroom, cargo space, and towing capabilities, the downside to these large vehicles is usually poor fuel economy. However, it seems as if BMW has thought of this and designed the X7 iPerformance Concept as a plug-in hybrid model. This means it will use both a gasoline-powered engine and an electric motor to supply the power needed to move its large frame. With the addition of the electric motor, this means that fuel economy should be improved over what the competition offers, but BMW has yet to release specs.

Other notable features that come with the BMW X7 iPerformance Concept include its large twin-kidney grille, 23-inch alloy wheels, and Manhattan metallic exterior paint color.

It should be noted that BMW has yet to officially confirm whether the X7 iPerformance Concept will go into production, but this model does still shows signs of what a large BMW SUV could look like in the near future.