The Most Expensive Car Wash in the World



He claims that what he does is a "higher form of cleaning" that "restores the surface, mainly paintwork, to a level that is better than brand new."

He starts with a normal wash and dry, but then he decontaminates the car to cleanse the surface of cleaning chemicals. Next, he measures and analyzes the paint under a microscope to check for defects that need repairing. When repairing the scratches, he measures the thickness of the clear coat with and ultrasonic depth gauge so he knows how deep to go, reducing the risk of needing a completely new paint job. After repairing scratches, he moves on to waxing, which costs approximately $12,200 (8,000 British Pounds) per container of wax.

A standard exterior treatment can take up to 250 hours spread out over 4-6 weeks and costs at least $1,060 (700 British Pounds).