Aston Martin motor cars roll of the production line at the companies new assembly plant in Gaydon, Warwickshire, England on 23 January 2008. The luxury range of cars which are hand built by craftsmen is seeing growing global demand and is due to open two new showrooms in China due to the brands popularity. In a recent survey Aston Martin was voted the 'coolest' British brand after it's famous association with James Bond.

A car company has given in to vegans who want a leather alternative

Picture yourself in a luxurious throne. What is it made of? Mushroom leather? Jellyfish? Protein leather? Calm your seat lust, because Bentley is working to make that dream a reality, by potentially combining all three of the above materials to create luxurious, vegan-leather seating.

According to CarBuzz, The high-end auto company announced that it was seeking an alternative after listening to consumers who wanted to drive a Bentley but couldn't reconcile the deaths of 20 animals to make the interior with their lifestyles. That doesn't mean that vegans are coming to take away your beloved leather goods though. This is actually great! It means a giant in the auto-industry, granted a niche giant, is taking the initiative in developing an alternative to a material that requires massive amounts of time, labor, and money to make.

A quality synthetic alternative to leather would lead to more sustainable industry standards, helping to eliminate the need for environmentally-harmful and cruel farming practices. Plus, humanity should be about progress in all areas of life. So bring on the jellyfish leather, just maybe leave off the tentacles.

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