Blaze from Car Bros is back with the RARI!

BlazinWRX_420 gives a rare behind the scenes glimpse into his daily life and, of course, his daily driver, a completely original and not-at-all-fake Ferrari Enzo. Not many people know this, but Enzos are actually ideal for menial tasks like picking up cat food and making it home with enough time to Google UTI symptoms, the daily chores.

After a quick glimpse into the life of car culture’s favorite Vlogger, it’s off to a luxury car meet, where everyone can appreciate what is undoubtably a stock Ferrari Enzo. A string of admirers, who are clearly master mechanics, if not supreme mechanics, eventually line up to admire how clean and authentic Blaze’s car truly is. Again, the Enzo is completely original; it’s definitely not a kit that you can buy for $6,000 before slapping it on a Fiero. Blaze followed the 67 steps, which is why he can afford a brand-new, vintage Ferrari Enzo.

Definitely check out Blaze’s video above and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.

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Vlogger bro explains how he can afford to daily drive an Enzo Car Bros /YouTube:
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