Postman Pat would have loved speeding along in this


Pat Clifton would have LOVED to have one of these.

Postman Pat, a British animated series for children, first hit the air back in 1981. It featured the exploits of the Postman as he delivered the mail in the fictional town of Greendale, and he did so in the Postman Pat Van, like here:

Now, a Postman Pat van has been transformed into a speed demon machine, running a quarter mile in 14.5 seconds at 96.51 MPH. The YouTube description (blow) had more details, but there one thing for sure:


Postman Pat would have delivered the mail a lot faster in one of these things.

From the description:

"PAT 1 ran a very impressive 14.5 sec 1/4 at 96.51 MPH with a very steady launch, Also managed 95.71 MPH, 93.98 MPH and 93.07 MPH Runs, Really close to our 100MPH target, A nice hard launch should do it for us. The new addition of an air shifter seemed to be far better than the previous paddle shift set up and the addition of wheelie bars proved to work
in our favour, Its not as spectacular for the audience but we need them to try break 100 MPH."

That is indeed a very special delivery service.

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