Out-of-control NFL fans ran an ATV over a historic landmark following playoff victory


Saying Eagles fans in Philadelphia were excited to beat the Minnesota Vikings might be the understatement of the century. The City of Brotherly Love opted for full-insanity levels of celebration following the victory, which of course involved people doing lots of things they really shouldn't, like driving on historic structures.

After the game, at least one intrepid Philly fanatic took opportunity of the chaos in the city and the distracted police force to climb the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in an ATV.

The stairs, which are known the world over for their appearance in the "Rocky" training montage, is one of the city's most instantly recognizable landmarks. However, despite the Rocky Steps National Monument's notoriety, it seemed to completely without security.

Maybe this is lesson learned for the Philadelphia PD?

H/T: Autoweek

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