Dash Cam Owners Australia via YouTube screenshot

Driver with horrible coordination was so mad he managed to hit himself over with his own car



You ever been so mad you hit yourself with a car? Like really, really mad.

Probably not, you likely haven't made the series of poor life decisions that led you down a road that ended with you losing a sandal and your dignity. But thank whatever higher being there is that some random driver in Malabar, New South Wales had a dash cam equipped to record someone actually making those choices.

Let's break this incident down:


The driver with the dash cam honks at the guy in the CR-V. This angers the CR-V driver, who slams on his brakes and begins to hop out of the car. The car starts to roll back -- apparently the driver missed park and went straight for reverse. What follows is a rapid series of events, seemingly without explanation. The offending driver is struck with his own door; he goes down and loses a sandal; his passenger hops out of the car, bewildered; the driver gets up and yells at the car behind him; then he finally hops back into his car to leave the scene, and his passenger.

That's going to be an interesting police report.