How all of those people fit in a Honda Civic will end up an eternal mystery


This episode of slapstick comedy took place in Leicester, England, and thanks to the British government's habit of putting CCTV cameras on anything that holds still enough, it was all caught on video.

We quickly see things escalate from mundane, to bad, to absurd in less than a minute. The Civic rounds a corner, when the Audi in front of it stop in the middle of the road for reasons -- who knows. The driver of the Civic crashes into the back of the Audi.

This is where things get strange. The Civic's doors fly open and we see person after person leave the car. Nice enough, one of the escapees calmly walks back to the car, let's another person out of the hatchback, and then they both bolt.


Police are still looking for the driver of the car, and it's likely they'll find them all living comfortably in a shoebox somewhere.