Faraday Future's prototype gets expertly trolled by a passing motorist


If you've ever been compared to a good-looking celebrity, you know it feels good.  It's usually not true, but you roll with it anyway.

That's basically what happened to the test mule driver of Faraday Future's FF91.  While test driving the pre-production version of the car a fellow motorist had a simple yet confusing question.

Yeah, that's right. He asked if it was the Faraday rival Tesla Model 3.  We first saw the FF91 at CES this year and people didn't have the best things to say in regards to exterior styling. The Model 3 on the other hand is generally considered a good-looking car.


The FF91 driver seemed to just shrug this off knowing either these two were trolling or just simply unaware of Faraday's existence. They wouldn't be the only ones.  Either way, I wish we had footage of him down the street a bit. I suspect he was sporting a little baby smile.

What do you think?  Was this guy joking or do you think Faraday's SUV/Crossover does look like a model 3?

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