Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a founding father of Dew-S-A


They say it's about loving freedom, and the good ol' US of A. They say that there's nothing threatening about Mountain Dew's bold new stance, declaring the semi-sovereignty of a new nation, Mountain Dew, Dew-S-A. But we all know what this is. It's potentially treason! Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Pepsico, which up until now was only a vaguely nefarious corporate representation of a shadow government, are laying the ground work for secession, which didn't work out so hot for the last guys who tried it.

Earnhardt Jr. hid his enthusiasm for the upcoming soda-cracy behind the guise of being excited about Mountain Dew's creativity when making commercials.

"They really are a lot of fun because they get creative and I get to do a lot of different stuff. I'm not in the driver's suit all the time, I'm not talking about race cars or always standing next to a race car, talking. We get to do a lot of fun things. This was no different"

Sure, Dale. We're on to you.

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