Clint Bowyer's son loves to talk about his favorite NASCAR driver, it's just not who you think

Kids say the darnedest things, huh?

Take Cash Bowyer, the absolutely adorable 2 1/2-year-old son of racer Clint Bowyer, He loves talking about his favorite NASCAR driver -- it's just not who you think.


Bowyer said he talks to his son -- who loves to watch the races -- after every contest, and while he's excited to see him, the conversation always ends up with Kyle Busch, who drives the N0. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing, M&M sponsored car.

"First and foremost, lo and behold, he'll know what Kyle Busch did," Clint said of his son, as told by Fox Sports. "That M&M's car -- he'll tell you if Kyle wrecked. The other day, when Kyle did wreck, it was the easiest wreck ever. Kyle just brushed the wall or something, and that's all I heard all the way home was, 'Is Kyle Busch OK? Is Kyle Busch OK?'"

So Clint Bowyer put his son on the phone with Busch to make sure everything was fine.

It is.

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