This custom Camaro is an automotive mullet


Carscoops has uncovered a truly unique Camaro, and, unsurprisingly, it was spotted in Dubai. The custom Camaro was pieced together by UAE Muscle and seems to be the resulting love child of a muscle car and a Silverado.

The most obvious mod sits at the rear of the car in the form of dually rear tires. It's unclear what purpose these serve, other than blocking the view from the rear mirrors, but it's definitely not to blend in.

UAE Muscle

And because once you've thrown a dually on a muscle car it wouldn't make since to stop there, the custom Camaro also features a full engine cover (under the hood), Lambo-style scissor doors, tribal-tattoo inspired custom paintjob, and an interior with so many LEDs it's dangerous to drive at night.

The car has met mixed reviews, showing up on Reddit's Shitty Car Mods subreddit, so it's unclear if it qualifies as a "masterpiece," but it's definitely one of a kind.


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