Here is the definitive sign that Chase Elliott is big time now

After scoring a top 10 finish in nearly 60% of his races and finishing fifth in the points, you could say Chase Elliott has officially arrived on the NASCAR scene. He is still win-less in the cup series after his best chance at victory was taken away by Denny Hamlin, sparking the best feud in the sport late in the season. The fan's reactions to that feud was enough proof that the 22 year old driver is on his way to pop culture relevance that few NASCAR drivers enjoy. Just ask Alex Trebek.

Being an answer on Jeopardy! is probably the coolest thing on Elliot's resume. The answer, of course, hints at Chase's first name, as well as the chase to the cup and also the definition of the word chase. A pretty dense clue to be honest, with three references in just 15 words. Elliott was delighted when he saw the tweet:

And as even more proof that Elliott is a name to know. The contestant got it right.

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