Brenna Johnson gives a hilarious interview after being wrecked out of a sprint car race SPEED SPORT /Facebook:

Sometimes, words can't describe it.

Sometimes, words can't describe it.

Posted by SPEED SPORT on Monday, May 1, 2017


That’s the sound of racing, the sound of defeat, the sound of glory snatched from the hands of a future hero.

What’s in a “Brraaaammmmmppppffff?” Courage. The courage to go on camera after an errant car caused you to ask, “What the [unknown expletive] is going on?”

Sprint car racer Brenna Johnson knows a thing or two about “BRAMMMPPPPFFFF.” She knows what that dreaded noise can take from a young speed geek: hope, joy, the desire to not yell weird stuff on camera.

Really, it’s all downhill from “BRAMMMMPPPFFFFF.”

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