Parker Nirenstein — host of Vehicle Virgins on YouTube — apparently made the “mistake” of showing up to an autocross to drive and talk a bit about tires. Not sure why this was the sin of the century, but it was enough to pull The Drive’s Alex Roy out of the nearest Claire’s/LensCrafters combo shop to talk some crap on camera.

Roy was upset that Nirenstein was talking a lot of hot air about tires, because that’s selling out, especially if you know very little about performance driving. Roy knows a thing or two about driving, so you know he’d never pull a ridiculous stunt to boost some tire sales.

Well that’s awkward.

To be fair Nirenstein is an “influencer” who got famous for being rich and buying cars, so it’s a little infuriating to see him do anything. But he seems to be trying to learn to drive, so maybe it’s time to cut a bit of slack.

The Drive’s Alex Roy hilariously mocks car show host over his (lack of?) tire knowledge Polizei 144 /YouTube:
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