A Ford Mustang and Subaru WRX STI face off in the most hilarious FnF spoof



The Fast and Furious has nothing on these two car bros. The whole video is a mashup of bad movie tropes and editing made most (in)famous by the Fast and Furious franchise, but if you look closer, it is the attention to detail that reveals more Easter eggs than a season of Arrested Development.

Right off the bat, we see that this race will culminate with the tried and true "trying to beat the train" scene before being whisked back an impossibly short 12 seconds to a Subaru WRX STI pulling up next to a Ford Mustang at a light. The obligatory scantily clad starter girl is present, played by a skinny shirtless dude, to start them off on this "Final Race."

The Mustang slams his automatic hard from park to low, the STI jumps from two car lengths behind to pulling ahead with just a slap of the gearshift and the Ford responds with another shift into park and putting the pedal to the floor. This is shaping up to be an intense race!


That Subaru has a trick up its sleeve, though. The driver shifts into first, using the brake pedal as the clutch to get right back to even. The Mustang shifts down a gear, the STI gets a random burst of speed and, look, somehow only six seconds have passed. More wiggling of gearshifts and determined glances keep the race close, even as the Subaru driver ends up racing backwards.

With the train nearing, the drivers know it is going to take both feet on the accelerator and both hands on the shifter to make it through cleanly. Which they do, to the disappointment of the cowboy-booted conductor.

The finish is too close to call, and the race must have been held on Fast 6's magical runway where time and distance fluctuate with every jump cut because only 12 seconds have passed at this point.

In true, FnF fashion, both drivers survive the train but relax too much before real tragedy strikes. Corn dogs and bugles fly as the Subaru tumbles through the air, leaving the driver time for one last shift.


The Ford driver is at a loss, seeing his frienemy's tragic end, when hope is restored! His friend survived and came back as a crudely CGI-ed angel for one last race into the sunset.

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