A driver ruined his Land Rover LR4 trying to get the perfect photo


NBC Philadelphia reports that a poor Land Rover was the victim of a photo shoot gone wrong on the Jersey Shore. The owner drove out onto the sand to get that perfect shot but got stuck. He was unable to move it before the tide came in and made his little mistake into a much more costly one.

Seeing it being helped out of the sand at low tide makes clear the damage done.

The flashing lights and god-awful sounds make it pretty clear that the car is done for. The description on the video gives more background information of the aftermath.

"...The waves beat the hell out of this car, but the owner arrogantly told me that it's okay because it's waterproof. He also felt that it was necessary to keep it running cuz if he shut it off it would not start again. He refused to take the advice to get rid of it because the vehicle's a limited edition."

Kept it running? Getting stuck in the sand is understandable. Embarrassing, but understandable. But when the tide starts coming in, there are a few things to worry about. First, the car is not waterproof. A luxury SUV has a lot of electronics that don't do well when submerged. Second, there is no way you will get the salt out of every nook and cranny, so the metal will eventually resemble Swiss cheese. Finally, if the engine is running and the water gets high enough, there is a good chance it will ingest said water and hydro-lock your $50k+ SUV.


He seems to have avoided getting water into his engine, but the other two are definitely in the early stages of turning this once capable rig into a lemon, limited edition or not.

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