monster truck crushes 2015 dodge challenger
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Monster Truck Crushes a Dodge Hellcat on Epic "Fast N' Loud" Episode


If you need a little high-octane boost to your day, the above video should have you covered.

Before a Monster Jam event back in October 2016, the guys over at Gas Monkey Garage decided to test our their brand-new monster truck on an episode of Fast N' Loud.

Luckily for them, they had a 2015 Challenger Hellcat lying around that needed to be crushed...for some reason. At any rate, while we all wish we could take that Hellcat off their hands, there's something therapeutic -- while also horrifying -- about watching one get run over by a monster truck.


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For all you Monster Jam or Gas Monkey Garage fans out there, here's a little more info on the Texas-based shop's epic creation.

Per Monster Jam:

Based on the garage made famous in Discovery Channel's hit television show, Fast N' Loud, the exciting new Gas Monkey Garage Monster Jam truck was introduced in 2016. The truck's body was designed by Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings himself. Based in Dallas, Discovery Channel's most highly rated and watched show, Fast N' Loud, features Rawlings, an expert at buying, restoring and selling classic cars and hot rods.

Rawlings has created a one-of-a-kind '70s muscle car body for the Gas Monkey Garage Monster Jam truck and the custom artwork reflects the spirit of the garage. A team of Monster Jam engineers and technicians designed and build the chassis. Veteran B. J. Johnson was selected to drive Gas Monkey Garage in Monster Jam competition.

If you want to see even more footage of the Gas Monkey Garage monster truck in action, the below video features B.J. Johnson's full freestyle run at the event in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. How badass is this?!


This post was originally published on October 13, 2016.

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