If you’ve never seen bobsledding, or the movie “Cool Runnings,” you might not know how violent a bobsled run can be. The gravity-powered sleds reach speeds in excess of 75 mph and can subject their occupants to over 4G in the corners all the while bouncing around on the rock hard ice. Mark Higgins and Subaru decided that wasn’t crazy enough. They wanted to do it in a car, so they widened the track and added some crash protection and stiffer springs to an otherwise mostly stock WRX STI and prepared for the inevitable crashes.

Car and Driver was on hand to capture some great images of the run and you can see the Subie nearly take out one of their photographers as it punches a hole in the ice wall.

Then, on the trickiest corner, the entry speed was perfect to stay stuck to the banking without hitting the upper or lower limits of the track, but the dismount was not so perfect. The car came down hard and sideways smashing the driver’s side A pillar on the ice.

Having luckily landed back on its wheels and survived the insane stunt of going down a bobsled run in a car, Higgins had to turn right around and climb the track back to the top. Good thing they added the extra crash protection.

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