refrigerator sledding

Refrigerator Sledding Looks Like an Absolute Blast

For some people, having too much time on one's hands can seem like a bad thing. But, for others, namely high-profile and successful YouTubers, having a large amount of free time can be the source of incredible innovation.

Now, while refrigerator sledding may not be the most innovative thing in the word, the above collaborative video between the guys at YouTube channels Shonduras and What's Inside? definitely looks like it was a pretty damn good time to make.

As you can see from the footage, the craziness starts when the guys lugged an old refrigerator out to a slope on the side of the highway and let 'er rip. But, before the fun stuff, they had to get to work. By mounting a piece of paneling to the underside, they were able to decrease the fridge's friction and send the old Frigidaire flying.

Just by reading the description of the video alone, you can probably tell these dudes are all about great times and crazy footage.

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Per Shonduras:

Today was CRAZY fun, after deciding to cut open and see whats inside a fridge we decide to first have some fun and take it sledding!! We were a bit nervous but it ended up being sooo awesome! oh and a couple police cars showed up, ha ha!

Then we cut open the refrigerator and were surprised by what was inside!

Throwing in a "ha ha" after "oh and a couple police cars showed up" means that these dudes were clearly ready to risk it all for refrigerator sledding. And, for that, we salute them.

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