Ford Raptor YouTube: Rednecks with Paychecks

From Saint Jo, Texas at the Rednecks with Paychecks park comes this Ford Raptor jump that puts the “extreme” in extreme off-roading. Just look at how much hang time this dude gets! I mean, this guy gets so much air in his Raptor that he is literally off road for what seemed like ages.

Sure, we’re all familiar with the slogan “Built Ford Tough,” but we don’t think Raptors were built for dirt-road jumps of this magnitude. At least not without a few “bruises,” as you can tell.

The driver (who seems more suited for the X Games than behind the wheel of a truck) did the damn thing on liftoff, but blows about every airbag on the difficult landing. We don’t know why people in America do stuff like this, but we’re just glad the guy ended up being OK in the end, because, lack of good judgement aside, this stunt made for a fantastic video series installment and a great track moment.

Apparently, they took the driver away in an ambulance “just to be sure,” and fortunately, there weren’t any big issues to worry about. Thank god for that, because it could’ve ended up making for a seriously costly lesson.

Speaking of costly lessons, an incident like the one in the video would probably be enough to scare most people away from trying any stunts like that, but we’re guessing this guy got right back into pulling off crazy dirt road stunts as soon as he could. He just seems like someone who doesn’t let a setback, no matter how daunting, keep him from doing insane truck-based shenanigans.

Here’s hoping this driver stays safe in whatever off-the-wall stunts he attempts next.

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