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This Wannabe Stunt Woman Became Infamous After Failed Mini Bike Jump

Known for his quick-witted delivery, comedian Daniel Tosh is has been at it for decades, and while his career really took off in 2001 after an appearance on David Letterman's show, Tosh is most known for his Comedy Central show Tosh.0.

The show features the comedian riffing on funny internet clips and often making fun of the subjects. Daniel's dark sense of humor and controversial jokes have cemented him in his field and created his own special sub-genre and brand of comedy. Tosh incinerates his victims with his scathing commentary. This clip is no exception.

In the original clip, some adrenaline junkies created a makeshift stunt course for mini bike rider Tiffany. The course consisted of four ramps. Two large ramps were placed to help a rider cross a gap in mid-air. There were two smaller ramps for a kart driver to cross simultaneously, while Tiffany made her big jump. Brave Tiffany managed to catch enough air to clear the gap, but there was just one problem. She may have caught a little too much air.

Tiffany cleared the gap and cleared the second ramp that she intended to land gracefully on. Instead, she face-planted into the grass beyond the ramp. She tells her friends she may have broken her hip after the horrible landing. Tosh pokes fun at the thrill-seekers, commenting, "So what if you die, getting into heaven is the biggest air of all." The clip was a horrible fail, but thankfully, Daniel invited Ottawa, Canada's own Tiffany to her very own web redemption.

Tiffany reveals that the folks in the video weren't friends at all, just random Canadians, though the person she jumped over was actually her brother, who was not operating a kart but a "redneck lawnchair." Tiffany broke her pelvis in two different places. She may have become the butt of many jokes since the video went viral, but Tiffany has also experienced some fame and recognition for her wild mini bike fail. Her landing gets a big "0," but we'll throw her some bonus points for being a good sport about it.

This post was originally published on March 29, 2021.

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