Kitesurfing in Greenland Looks Just as Amazing as You’d Imagine

When it comes to breathtaking scenery, it doesn't get much more majestic than the country of Greenland, with its crystal blue water and towering icebergs. It's basically a place right out of a picture book, or a scene from a high-budget adventure movie.

Just being able to visually take in the massive island country alone sounds like it would be an experience unlike any other. Throw in an epic activity like kitesurfing, and you have the recipe for a seriously unforgettable moment. Of course, like with most moments of that magnitude, this is something that really needs to be recorded on film.

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So, when Geza Scholtz, equipped with a couple GoPros to perfectly capture all of those eye-popping angles, went on a little kitesurfing adventure in Greenland, we weren't at all surprised that it was probably one of the cooler things we've ever seen.

Just check out the footage! Kitesurfing by itself seems like an awesome way to spend a few hours on the water, but the way Scholtz vaults over icebergs like it's nothing is on another level entirely. Clearly, this wasn't her first rodeo. She's definitely kitesurfed over an iceberg a time or two before.

It may not have been on our radar before this video, but it looks like kitesurfing in Greenland is now something we definitely have to put on that bucket list. I'm not sure how or when someone exactly gets the opportunity to kitesurf in Greenland, though it's probably something worth researching.

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