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YouTube: Ken Block

Ken Block's 14-Year-Old Daughter Gets Drift Lessons From an Iconic Champ

If you're wanting to learn how to drift, there's pretty much no better person to have as a teacher than the legendary driver Ken Block. We've all seen videos of what this man is capable of, and last month, he decided to pass on some of that knowledge to his 14-year old daughter, Lia.

To make things even better, Block enlisted the help of another professional drift champion, Vaughn Gittin Jr., so there's no doubt he gave her more than a few helpful pointers along the way. Block built this Vanilla Ice-inspired Fox body 5.0 Ford Mustang for one reason and one reason only: To help his daughter learn to drift. It's pretty much the perfect car to learn with, and though this isn't the first time Lia has been behind the wheel, she did extremely well for her first time sliding a car.

They did hit some snags along the way, including breaking some parts, modifying and repairing the car on the fly, and running out of fuel, but according to Block, that just means she got the "full experience." They started off teaching her the basic maneuvers, and while she may have been a little rusty at first, she looks like a natural by the end of the video. Between Block and Vaughn Gittin Jr., they can turn just about anyone into a talented driver.

Lia may be young, but if she stays on this path, it won't be too much longer before she starts to really define her name as a driver in the industry. She definitely proves to be an extremely quick learner throughout the video. As darkness begins to fall on the afternoon, they eventually call it a night, but something tells me that Lia is going to be itching to get back out on that track sooner rather than later.

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