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Ken Block Takes 600 HP Ford Fiesta to "the Ultimate Dirt Playground"


Seeing Ken Block do his thing behind the wheel of a souped-up ride never gets old. You'd think it would, because he's definitely put out his fair share of stunt driving videos over the years, but the 51-year-old rally driver always seems to find new and ridiculous ways to give the people what they want.

After watching this video from back in August 2017, where he teamed up with Pennzoil to take on "the ultimate dirt playground" in Swing Arm City, Utah, all you can really say is, "Hot damn, Ken Block done did it again."

Per Pennzoil:


At 4,300ft of elevation with an ambient temperature of 102° F, it took complete protection and top engine performance to push Ken Block's 600 horsepower Ford Fiesta ST RX43 to the limit in Swing Arm City, UT.

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Packing 600 horses, Block's Ford Fiesta ST RX43 was his steed of choice for the off-roading festivities, and, as it turns out, it almost proved to be a little too much for the seasoned driver.

"It's already setup with the Gymkhana style engine," Ken told, "600bhp, which is more than I would normally have on dirt. It's too much power."

Too much power? Never thought we'd see the day where Ken would say something like that. Now, the Long Beach, California native is usually known for his Gymkhana series, but this Terrakhana video was a much different take on his usual close-quarters, donut-heavy stunt driving videos.


"It's basically taking that driving style that I do in the Gymkhana videos and applying it in other unique situations," Block told "This new one ('Terra' meaning earth)... we're doing it in a unique dirt-type situation. I've always wanted to take that driving style and do different things with it."

Is there any terrain that Ken Block can't beast his way through? Don't answer that, because the answer is, "No. No, there is not."

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