Indian boy run over

Indian Boy Goes Back to Playing Soccer After Getting Run Over by Car


Nobody gets a worse (and deserved) rap for flopping than soccer players. Even if you're not a huge fan of the sport, you've probably at least seen clips of various soccer players (chief among them being Brazilian star Neymar) laying the theatrics on thick and pretending to be seriously injured by the softest of contact in order to draw a penalty.

Well, one soccer-playing Indian boy made all those serial floppers look incredibly bad by dusting himself off and continuing to play in a pickup street soccer game after getting RUN OVER BY A FREAKIN' CAR!

Per The Drive:


On Sept. 24 in Mumbai, India, a group of kids was playing soccer when an incident occurred that could've had a much worse result. One of the boys playing crouched down to tie his shoes and was shockingly run over by a small van, the driver of which apparently didn't see the child. The victim disappears for a moment as he is completely run over before the video takes a relieving and, if we're honest, a bit humorous turn when he springs right back up to keep playing with his friends.


According to Fox News, the police have seen this footage, but haven't done anything about it because nobody has asked them to. "If anyone files a complaint, we will probe," said an official.

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Somebody get this kid a medal. His commitment to getting back into the soccer game after such a harrowing experience is alone worthy of praise, but his impressively quick-thinking maneuver to avoid contact with the tire deserves a standing ovation.

Take notes, Neymar. This is how you play soccer.


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