toy cars pulling real car

How Many Toy Cars Will It Take to Pull a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

We've seen some pretty crazy experiments involving cars -- both real cars and remote control cars -- in our day. But, the fact that people 1) even thought up this crazy idea and 2) actually took the time, money, and effort to test out it out is one of the most ambitious ventures we've ever seen.

In the above clip, the guys over at YouTube channel MrBeast decided to test the torquing power of 100 RC cars in pulling a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Yep, you read that right. Tiny toy cars attempting to pull a massive multi-ton machine. Seems easy enough, right?

In a Gulliver's Travels version of the auto world, a fleet of RC cars do their best to tow the Jeep. The little over 11-minute video displays the towing capacity of those toys you probably have in your garage somewhere.

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The clip opens with a quick load test, using 100 1/24-scale ECX model cars flanked in row formation, attached to the "piece of crap," 300,000-mile Jeep's front bumper. Flanked in a strategic formation of six smaller cars with several larger lead cars upfront for leverage, a full water bottle and flex seal cans are also removed from the Jeep to reduce the vehicle's weight.

The brains even attempt to "add value" to the car by using a sledgehammer to slam the top for a "sunroof."

Posted back in May 2018, the video racked up more than 16 million views, which seems about right, considering the ridiculous scope of the project. Here's to stashing 100 little RC cars in our trunks in case we ever get stuck on the off-road.

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