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Finland's Version of "Jackass" Brought Out a High-Powered Forest Machine for This Ridiculous Stunt

They may hail from Finland, but The Dudesons have been known to engage in some American-style redneck shenanigans over the years. With YouTube videos that have racked up more than 500 million views, these dudes are like the Impractical Jokers on crack cocaine. Ok, so they're basically the Finnish version of Jackass.

Back in 2017, for a four-part video series called "Meanwhile in Finland," The Dudesons pulled off some of their craziest stunts to date. "Forest Machine Rodeo" was the first episode in the series, and as you can see, these lunatics really started things off with a bang.

Throwing a saddle on a log harvested by a Ponsse Scorpion, these guys answered a challenge that no one, besides them, would even bring up: What if we replaced a mechanical bull with a high-powered logging machine?

Because The Dudesons believe in at least some sort of structure to their chaos, they organized their ridiculous stunt into three rounds. Round 1 was above the ground, which to me, was definitely the scariest, especially considering that the harness didn't seem to offer that much security or comfort. I mean, you can practically hear the guy's bones crunch when he falls off the log. That definitely did not sound fun. I would've pooped my pants for sure.

For Round 2, they went for some over-the-water action. Hell, I would've even tried that. Definitely the most fun-looking of the three rounds. Now, Round 3 is how you ruin friendships. Instead of even attempting to take the log for a spin, the scheming Jarppi had the harvester operator suck the log into the machine. Hey, whatever you need to do to win, I guess.

You can't have a Dudesons challenge without a punishment, so the guys with the worst rodeo times were "tarred" and feathered.

A quick look at their YouTube page shows that the Dudesons haven't put out a video in a few years, which is a real shame. The world needs more off-the-wall stunts like this.

This post was originally published on April 9, 2020.

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