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M2K Motorsports Standing Mile World Record 2006 Ford GT 293.6 MPH

Here is the in car video of M2K Motorsports's Standing Mile World Record 293.6 MPH run (3/26/2017) equipped with an Accufab, Inc. prepped 5.4L controlled by a MoTeC M800, CDI-8, C125 at the The Official Texas Mile in Victoria, Texas.Video was taken with Motec Systems USA's HD VCS System, which records video in 1080p @ 25hz with CAN data overlay.Vehicle: M2K Motorsports Prepped 2006 Ford GTEngine: Accufab Racing Ford GT 5.4LTransmission: Factory Ford GT 6 SpeedECU: MoTeCData Acquisition: MoTeCIgnition System: MoTeCWiring: NCS DesignsTuning and Calibration: NCS DesignsSuspension and Aerodynamics: Ahlman Engineering*Edit 3/27/17 Added transmission info

Posted by NCS Designs on Sunday, March 26, 2017

This is flat out amazing.

Going from a standing stop to nearly 300 MPH in a mile isn’t something you see every day. Then comes along M2K Motorsports with its modified twin turbo 2006 Ford GT. The 5.4-liter V8 beauty went from zero to 293.6 MPH in a mile, smashing the Guiness Book of World Records mark of 283.282 set in 2012 by another Ford GT. Talk about fast!

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