You just can’t beat hooning a fire truck in the snow Steven Unger / Facebook

Winter sucks sometimes. Short, gray days give way to long frigid nights. Holidays sandwich a day of fun with family between weeks of stressful planning and shopping. But what about winter doesn’t suck? Snonuts! It doesn’t matter what you drive, a coating of the white, fluffy stuff and some wide open space translates into a lot of fun. And if you think your sad little jalopy can’t hoon with the best of them in the snow, just take a look at these firefighters:

Drifting a fire truck around is quite a feat, and they get bonus points for running all the lights. We are legitimately glad they had nothing better to do so they could give us this video, and because no one WANTS our fire fighters to be busy. If they can do it, so can you! Just make sure it truly is a wide open space, curbs don’t play fair.

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