This Incredible Rooftop Bike Ride Will Play on Your Fear of Heights

Hailing from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, trials bike rider Danny MacAskill quit his job as a mechanic in 2009 to pursue his cycling career full time and has been pulling off epic stunts for quite some time now. The guy's about as legit of a professional as you can get.

He's taken full advantage of his skills on a bike to produce some amazing stunt videos, churning out a grand total of nearly 18. And these aren't the types of videos that are filmed vertically on a cell phone. We're talking high-quality type stuff here.

Needless to say, he's kind of a big deal on YouTube. The dude racks up views unlike any of his peers. Back in 2015, MacAskill teamed up with GoPro and took to the rooftops of Gran Canaria, Spain to create one of his most badass videos yet, and, if you're afraid of heights, well...just don't look down.

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MacAskill has practiced his cycling for several hours a day for 12 years, which clearly shows, especially when it comes to the amazing balance and control he uses to navigate his rooftop course. Of course, the chill background music and the awesome camera angles don't hurt either.

But, when it comes to the actual stunt work itself, if the POV footage from these ridiculous heights aren't enough to give you vertigo, then these lines will definitely make your palms sweaty.

Oh, and be sure to watch until the end. Let's just say that if you were expecting a conventional finish to the bike ride, that's the exact opposite of what Danny delivers.

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