You wouldn’t be too off-base to assume that a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air would struggle to beat most vehicles — save for maybe an electric scooter — in a street race these days. When its competitor is a Suzuki SV650? Forget about it. I mean, sure, the Bel Air is an incredible piece of American car culture, but if you pit a classic car from 62 years against a sport bike, you’re probably going to assume that the sport bike’s coming out on top.

Not so in the above street racing match-up. Not so AT ALL. As you can see from the video captured via a biker’s helmet cam, the ’57 Chevy Bel Air vs. motorcycle contest ended in the Chevy instantly and utterly dominating. We’re talking Gone in 60 Seconds-style domination. We’re talking Top Gun, highway to the danger zone-style domination. The Suzuki rider probably never saw that coming, right?!

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To be fair, that wasn’t your average Bel Air. The ride was heavily modified, with a P1SC Procharged Chevrolet crate 572 under the hood. Going into the race, you’d think the Suzuki would have a distinct weight advantage, but due to the Bel Air’s modifications, it has a pretty significant horsepower-to-weight ratio. Simply put, this thing has a need for speed.

As you can imagine, the YouTube commenters had an absolute field day after watching this video. “You got spanked by American Muscle,” one commenter wrote, while another added, “Damn! That Bel Air looked as if it was traveling through time.”

The biker himself, who uploaded the video under the name Dodge Rider, eventually chimed in, saying that he wasn’t at all surprised by the outcome of the race.

Yep. I’ve ridden bikes that run an 18sec 1/4mile and I’ve ridden a bike that will run a 9.9sec 1/4mi. I know the feeling of insane acceleration and I know that Chevy could walk away from any ZX10R, S1000RR, Hayabusa, or ZX14 without even trying…The car was amazing and I had to share with everyone!


Kudos to that guy for allowing himself to be humbled like that.

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