[VIDEO] Tow Truck Driver Caught On Video Joyriding In GT-R And Stealing Belongings


Nissan GT-R owner Brian Montgomery arranged to have Royal Towing transport his car to a nearby Nissan dealership in his hometown of Pearland, TX for a few repairs. When Montgomery received the car back a few days later, he noticed his $300 sunglasses and his phone charger were missing, and that his dashcam was mysteriously unplugged. What he did not realize until he pulled the footage from his dashcam was that the tow truck driver had taken his GT-R for one hell of a joyride, getting the car up to 75 miles per hour on residential roads and doing a few burnouts, rather than taking the car right to the dealership as he was supposed to. The Royal Towing driver also picked up a few of his friends to show the car off to as well, as you will see in the other footage below. The towing company has since contacted the owner and offered to compensate him for the damages sustained to the GT-R's transmission, but alleges the driver was a contract hire, therefore absolving the company from his actions.