[VIDEO] Teenager Defends His Rights Against Crazy Woman Who Tried To Run Him Over


Fourteen year-old Lucas Shamblin and his friends were playing with their skateboards and hoverboards in the cul-de-sac, when an angry woman who lives across the street came squealing out of her driveway, nearly running Lucas over, and she screamed at the kids to get out of her street. After the fourteen year-old apologized and wished her a good day, the woman threw her car in reverse and almost backed over Lucas, who then had his phone out, recording the entire incident. The woman jumped out of the car, and aggressively threatened to break the young man's phone for recording her. The entire heated exchange reveals a young man passionately affirmed in his rights to be able to play in the street, and to protect himself from harm and threat, and shows an angry, vile young woman who has zero idea how to behave, nor what her rights are as opposed to the rights of other. This kid schooled her and good.