[VIDEO] Idiots Holding Up NYC Traffic for a Photo Shoot With their Gold BMW I8 Get Their Windshield Smashed

If something caught on camera seems too good to be real, then it's probably faked. That's just how it goes these days. However, we can totally see this video as being real given the temper that NYC drivers are known for. Traffic in New York City is known for being criminally slow and painful to deal with. Considering that everyone already knows that, why would anyone think they could do this? These two idiots are posing out in front of their gold BMW I8 against stalled out traffic that they're only adding to just to try and look cool for a picture. When a driver behind them realizes what they're doing, he gets out and immediately applies a 2X4 from his trunk to their windshield. If this isn't a staged video, we'd love to buy that guy a beer!