Tough Guy Fights Over Traffic, Gets a Gun Pulled on Him


This road rage incident escalated quickly! Over in the French Rivera someone driving a smart car left their smart parked in the middle of a turning lane which caused more than enough traffic to work up the ire of the people behind him. As he returns to his car, with a dainty shopping bag as though he just left a store, one of the drivers lined up behind him gets out to confront him. The driver then puts on his tough face and pushes the smart owner to the ground before making his way back to his car. This is where it gets interesting!

The smart owner, not to be outdone, goes back to his car and pulls out a handgun! He's obviously unaware of his surroundings as he doesn't notice the police in the immediate area! They quickly swoop in and put an end to his absurdity before anyone gets hurt. If the smart owner had only waited a moment he could have had the other driver facing assault charges!