This doughie will cost Robby Gordon some dollarydoos

So, apparently Australia has laws?

More shocking than that, the land of Mad Maxx has traffic laws, specifically against driving an unlicensed race car in the street, which honestly feels like it should be an activity immortalized on the Australian flag.

Robby Gordon sacrificed his racing career in the Land Down Under to prove how uncool the Aussies are about "safety" and "obeying laws."

The fateful night started off with Gordon asking some security guards out Lizard Bar in Darwin,

"Hey, you think I could flip a couple of doughies?"

Of course, in what you would assume would be typical Oz fashion, they said, "I don't care." So, Gordon tore down the road and "flipped a couple doughies." Promise fulfilled.

The whole stunt, impromptu as it was, comes off as mostly safe. The two guards Gordon asked about the upcoming "doughies" went to block one end of the street, while some of Gordon's guys blocked off the other end. Gordon then did two doughnuts in his sport truck and called it a night. He was celebrating his second place finish in a Stadium Super Trucks event, which came along with a nifty $5,000.

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport and Judge Richard Coats were not amused though. Coats fined Gordon 4,000 dollarydoos and said he wished he could take away his professional license. The Confederation, for its part, banned Gordon from Australian racing events for the foreseeable future, with CEO Eugene Arocca calling it, "simply inexcusable."


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