This biker couldn't outrun the eye in the sky

It boggles the mind why anyone would risk their own life just to be a jerk and destroy others property, but that's exactly what this Kawasaki rider did.

Posted by the California Highway Patrol, we see the rider going over 100 mph and completely destroying this white SUV's mirror.  Apparently this person had been doing this all week with the CPH posting this on their Facebook:

"The Eye in the Sky caught ya!

If you're one that thinks you can ride recklessly on the highways, smash people's side view mirrors, and drive at speeds well over 100 mph - think again. Thanks to our CHP - Golden Gate Division Air Operations and their eye in the sky, this rider led the "Air-Ops" team and our ground units straight to his house where we were waiting for him.

Now he's facing pending charges of reckless driving, vandalism, suspended registration, and his motorcycle was impounded. (This same behavior from the same rider occurred multiple days in a row last week.)

During this past week, if you were a victim of this green Kawasaki motorcycle rider kicking, punching, and smashing mirrors, please call us at 925-646-4980, with the date, times, location, and all information to make a report. Thank you."

 As stated, he will be charged with reckless driving, vandalism, and suspended registration for now, but with the CHP urging people to call in if they were affected by this guy, more charges may be coming his way.
In the end, these charges are nothing compared to what could have happened at these speeds. Hurting himself or others was only a matter of time if this wasn't stopped.
Let's hope he never rides again.