Motorcycle show off isn't as pro as he thinks he is


Have you ever been to one of those self service car washes and felt the urge to just do an awesome smokey donut? Well this guy did and he doesn't mess around with anything that has more than 2 wheels. This Australian dude decked out in full biker gear thought is was a great idea to do donuts with a couple concrete walls a few feet away.

Of course the lucky guy in the next bay got to witness all of this first hand, and let's just say this is definitely a story he will be passing down to his grand kids one day.

The sport bike guy starts his donut and upon hitting some dry pavement gets thrown right into the wall.  He seems ok and eventually rides off with his blinker stuck on. It's hard to tell in the video but if you look closely you can see his pride and ego got pretty banged up too.

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