Dumbest thief in the world tries to hide a stolen Ford GT40 Replica in plain site


If you aspire to be a professional car thief one day then you may want to pay attention to this story for a tip on what not to do.

Police in Mashalltown, Iowa just caught a suspect driving a stolen Ford GT40 replica that he spray painted flat black in order to try and just blend in to his small town. Guess he was thinking there are so many flat black GT40s in Mashalltown that no one would notice.

City of Marshalltown Facebook

The owner, Steve Salasek, reported his car stolen and, according to KCCI 8 News Des Moines, the police department took to its  Facebook page to spread the word. Almost immediately local citizens responded that they had seen the car casually driving around town. A person name Brock said:

"I saw it heading west out of marshalltown on Sat or sun I believe, I thought it was an odd time of the day as I wasn't aware of any car shows going on, I know the owner and couldn't tell if it was him driving or not."


In just one day they recovered the car while the thief was cruising down a residential street likely having the time of his life. According to the news report, police chief  Michael Tupper stated:

"It was a very unique car and I feel pretty comfortable saying it was probably the only car like this in Marshall County, maybe in the central Iowa area."

The suspect has been charged with theft, possession of a controlled substance, and a few traffic offenses. The owner of the now black GT40 seems pretty optimistic saying:

"One way or another, it'll come back to life."