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Thieves have found an easy way to steal cars without the key

Cars that don't require putting a key in the ignition to start have become increasingly more popular recently, and they are very convenient for drivers. Unfortunately, the are also more convenient for car thieves.

According to Car Throttle, the key fob still can transmit a signal through a wall of a house, so thieves can use the push-to-start technology to get the car to start.

It's common for people to hang their car keys up close to their door when they come home, and though the signal is pretty weak, it can be boosted so that the car thinks the key is close enough.

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According to the article, BMWs and Peugeots are the most susceptible to be stolen with the new technology. But other cars are also vulnerable, including the Toyota Prius, Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

The article said the tools needed to steal a car without the keys aren't very expensive, and it's difficult to tell a theft is in the process because the car is relatively silent.

There are ways to prevent thieves from getting into your car, and it's probably wise to keep your key fob as far away from the car as possible.

(h/t Car Throttle)