A road rage incident turned dangerous when a driver started swinging a baseball bat

Remember the video game Street Fighter?

You know, the one that came out back in 1991 on Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, which allowed you to pick a character from a specific country to fight another character from another specific country. Then, on top that, each character had their own specific fighting style, so you had to get real precise about whom you would match up with whom.

Well, a new video has been released out of Russia that's eerily similar to that classic video game.

Filmed via the dash cam of a third party, the confrontation begins with the driver of a Mercedes pulling the door open to a semi-truck. Then, to no virtually no one's surprise, the semi-truck driver enters the picture yielding a baseball bat.

What ensues next is a series of weak kicks by the Mercedes driver and a few weak swings of the bat by the trucker. That's until a good Samaritan has enough common courtesy to come stop the shenanigans. While the trucker seems fine to get on with his day, the karate-kicking Mercedes driver stays on guard throughout the video, seemingly unhappy the real-life Street Fighter battle has ended.

Maybe these two could be hidden characters in next video game.

Video: Trucker pulls out baseball bat during terrifying road rage brawl