A video emerged of a horrific road rage incident involving two men and a club


A man from Peterborough, Ontario, has been charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon following a violent road rage reaction that was caught on video.

In the video, (WARNING: It's graphic but can be seen here), a man in a red shirt can be seen pummeling another in an incident that the Toronto Sun says started during a confrontation on the road.

The Sun said the victim, aged 71, was riding his bike when the two men began arguing. At some point, the altercation became ugly.

A woman run toward the scene, taping along the way:


Via Toronto Star, Youtube

The woman who taped the incident can he heard saying, "Hey, listen. I'm filming all of this." She asked the man on the ground if she's OK, and when he finally rose, he was in bad shape.

The woman turned to the suspect, "You just hit him with a club."

The suspect put a club in his pocket, said, "I tried to walk away," and then left in his truck.

Police arrested David Fox, 65, and he's scheduled to appear in a Canadian Court on August 24.


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